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Financial planning should be a collaborative effort. Successful financial plans are dependent on developing a relationship built on trust, transparency, and open communication.

Our Comprehensive Financial Planning Services include:

Investment planning and management

Insurance planning

Tax Planning

Retirement planning

College Savings planning

Estate Planning
Prior to engaging Charles Carroll Financial Partners, a written agreement outlining the financial planning services requested will be established. Our financial planning services are based on an hourly and/or fixed fee basis. The hourly rate depends on the complexity of the individual situation and the depth of work requested by the client. The hourly rate for financial planning is $150 to $250 per hour.

The client retains all rights to his/her financial plan. As such, the client is under no obligation to implement any of the plan's recommendations.

Should a client wish to implement some of the investment recommendations or financial objectives recommended in the financial plan, we’re available to assist.
The financial planning process typically begins with an initial meeting, where together we discuss your financial situation, needs, and goals. This first stage helps to determine the scope of the relationship and identify opportunities relevant to the financial plan.

Why choose a fee-only financial planner?

A fee-only financial planner doesn’t sell financial products for compensation but instead works for an hourly rate much like an accountant or attorney. By choosing a fee-only financial planner, you can feel confident that any recommendations of financial products or investments are developed with your best interests in mind. In addition, at Charles Carroll Financial Partners, you have the added advantage of a NAPFA advisor, a highly trained fee-only financial planner who is 100% committed to their client, and who adheres to the strictest standards of service as set by the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors .

What is a financial plan?

A financial plan is a sequence of steps designed to allow an individual or business to achieve their financial goals (i.e. creating a retirement plan, saving for college, or paying down debt). It should take into account the current financial position of the individual or business, the client’s future goals, and the client’s tolerance for risk.

Why is financial planning important?

Financial planning creates a concrete and actionable plan for individuals or businesses to reach their financial goals, and allows for the monitoring and tracking of progress towards specific goals.

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